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Raw Liquid Honey
Liquid Honey
Raw Liquid HONEY

Liquid Honey comes in many different flavours and colours. It all depends on what the Bees themselves have been foraging on. It can range in colour from nearly clear to an almost black.

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Soft Set Honey
Soft Set HONEY

This is what Beekeepers used to call Creamed Honey before the European Union decided that as there wasn’t any cream in it, it couldn’t be called Creamed Honey.
All Honey granulates (goes solid). It is caused by the ratio of the sugars Glucose and Fructose contained in the Honey. The more Glucose in the Honey the faster it granulates. We can reverse the process by gently heating the honey to about 35°C at which point the Honey starts to liquify. As Beekeepers we can continue warming until the Honey has returned to a Liquid state, or in the case of the Soft Set Honey it is allowed to only partially liquefy and it is then vigorously mixed. The act of mixing breaks down the large granulation into small crystals. This gives the Honey a soft buttery texture. Ideal for spreading on toast.

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Soft Set Honey
Heather Honey
Heather Honey
Heather HONEY

Bee Hives are taken up to the heather moors in August traditionally around the Glorious 12th, though mine generally go up at the end of July and are left up on the moors until the middle to end of September dependent on the weather.
Heather Honey is the only pure honey my Bees produce.  All the other Honey I produce is a mix of whatever the Bees can find to collect nectar from. Heather Honey is different in that where I take my Bees 99% of all the forage that the Bees can find is Heather. Thus ensuring an almost pure harvest.
Heather Honey is different from other Honey in that has a far stronger taste and it has a gelatinous consistency.

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Section Honey
Section HONEY

Section Honey is small sections of comb within some form of container that has been placed in the hive by the Beekeeper for the Bees to Draw out and fill with Honey. Sections take a variety of forms, I produce a combination of the traditional 4½ inch square sections and the more modern round sections. I don't produce a lot of this type of Honey but what I do sells very fast.
These are probably one of the hardest forms of saleable Honey that a Beekeeper produces. I can place a box of thirty two wooden sections onto a hive only to find that three or four are of saleable quality when I come to collect it at the end of the season.
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Section Honey
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